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Welcome to Eastside Velo Cycling Club

2016 Mammoth Gran Fondo: September 10, 2016

The 2016 Mammoth Gran Fondo will be September 10th, 2016. For 2016, we are adding a timed KOM/QOM section of the Gran Fondo, a team/corporate challenge, and we are pleased to announce that over 3/4 of the roads of the Gran Fondo will be closed to vehicle traffic! Be sure to register today by clicking here.



SAFE AND LAWFUL RIDING PRACTICES - A quick note, if you're riding in a group on a road with no bike lane, whenever a car approaches from behind you or in-front of you, you must ride single-file as far to the right of the road as is practical.  This is a great video shared with us by the Marin County Bicycling Coalition.

November 15th, 2016 Eastside Velo Weekly Newsletter

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Umm,...not exactly what the sign guys had in-mind?